Our Thoughts

An excellent tribute to Demetrios Mallisham was published in the Remington Community Newsletter on May 26, 2016.   Although I did not know Demetrios, it is clear he was a community leader and role model.  The article can be read at https://tinyurl.com/yd47kl4u

by Bill Kleinhomer
April 19, 2018

Amazing Lunch Patrol today at Pennsylvania and North Avenue. We served over 950 bag lunches.  The neighborhood was welcoming and appreciative. It was loads of fun!

by Brian Dolbow
February 25, 2018

Thank you, Brian Dolbow, for keeping my brother Demetrio Mallisham’s legacy alive. In Baltimore now, feeding the homeless with Helen Mallisham. Amazing turnout.

by Mark Mallisham
November 18, 2017

To God be the glory for all the caring, kind, loving people of Baltimore, MD, who are helping to bless others during this special time of the year! It should be known that these people not only help during the holidays, but this is a daily event. These are unsung heroes!! This is not your usual “Breaking News!” event in “Charm City.” Keep up the good work!

by Helen Mallisham
November 18, 2017