Board Members

Brian Dolbow

Brian grew up in Delaware where he attended Saint Edmond’s Academy and Salesianum School.  He earned a Communication Arts Degree from Neumann University.  Brian first got involved with supporting the homeless community while attending Neumann and is forever grateful to the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia for the opportunity to serve those in need.  He also gives thanks to the Brothers of the Holy Cross and the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. Brian has done community outreach in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Elyse Fenton

Tony Corbett
Board Member

Tony was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida.  He has spent the last three years living in Baltimore.  Tony studied at Florida A&M University (FAMU) and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Tony, the eldest of three siblings, has always wished to improve someone’s life, even if it’s just by lending a helping hand or offering words of encouragement. Tony travels widely, works as a regional training manager, and as a youth mental health instructor.  He loves spending time with friends and loved ones. 

Alysia Johnston
Board Member

Alysia currently works as a special educator. As a lifelong learner, Alysia strives to help others in reaching their highest potential. Prior to pursuing a career path in education, Alysia worked in administrative, business, and marketing job roles. In 2019, Alysia began working as a volunteer with B & Dee’s Baltimore Love. In her spare time, Alysia enjoys cooking various cuisines, baking treats, reading, practicing yoga and mindfulness, and traveling to new places.

Michelle Jones
Board Member

Michelle Jones is a North Carolina native. Graduated from Elizabeth City State University where she obtained her degree in Computer Science and received her Masters degree in Information Systems from Towson University. Michelle has volunteered with the B & Dee’s since 2019. Michelle solicits volunteers and donations to help the progression of B & Dee’s mission of providing life sustaining resources to the most under resourced residents of Baltimore City. Michelle enjoys talking with the community she serves, providing them with words of encouragement, resource information, or a warm smile. Michelle has a passion for helping others and is honored to be a member of B & Dee’s.

Nancy Langr
Board Member

Nancy is a nurse educator from Catonsville, Maryland, who has been volunteering with B & Dee’s since August of 2019. She is a mother of two daughters. She thoroughly enjoys being a part of B and Dee’s family.

Anthony Pressley
Board Member

Anthony, a native of Baltimore, currently serves as the Executive Director for Druid Heights Community Development Corporation.  He has been part of the organization for the past 20 years.  Anthony is also the founder of the Baltimore Poet’s Society, and the author of “Chronicles of a Momma’s Boy,” a collection of poetry and short stories.  He visits schools and community centers to match aspiring writers with published authors to promote literacy in youth.  

Robin Taylor
Board Member

Robin lives in Baltimore County with her husband and daughter. For over 10 years, Robin has served as the Director of “Lydia’s House,” a soup kitchen at Sharp Street Memorial United Methodist Church.  When she is not preparing meals for Lydia’s House, Robin and her husband cook for their catering business TaylorMaid Catering.  Robin believes that serving others is what we are all called to do. She is honored to be a part of the B & Dee’s family.

Charlita “CJ” Watlington
Board Member

CJ is a property manager at Fairfax Station Enterprises.  She discovered B & Dee’s in 2016 when she helped at the organization’s annual Thanksgiving celebration where turkey dinners typically are served to over 1,200 people. She loves working in the community and being part of the B & Dee family.

Tramour Wilson
Board Member

Tramour is Senior Director at the Pride Center of Maryland with a 10+ year background in public health, non-profit development, and social work.  He received his degree of certification from the University of Hawaii, Juniata College, and is currently on track to earn his PhD.  Tramour is a social justice advocate, professional public speaker, and has a background in strategic planning and capacity building for organizations throughout the U.S.  With an esteemed background in cultural competency, Tramour has led protests geared to LGBTQ inclusion, public health issues, systematic racism, and police brutality.  He is the founder of two non-profits in Baltimore geared to elevating Black and African American folks throughout the city of Baltimore by empowering them to become the best version of themselves while building generational wealth.  Tramour’s goal in life is to empower minority communities and to enact legacy building.