February 2020

This month our Volunteer Spotlight is focused on the Dunning and Loetell families. Roberta and Dick Dunning have been volunteering with B & Dee’s for over two years. Their children (Jenny, Bridget, Julia, Natalie) and grandchildren (Ryan, Meaghan, Bella, Ryleigh) also volunteer with B & Dee’s. Jenny, a constant presence at our monthly Lunch Patrols, said that preparing lunches and coming together as a family to help the community has really been a joy. Meaghan helped design the brunch menu for B & Dee’s Annual Community Easter Celebration in 2019. Since their retirement, Roberta and Dick wanted to do more for those in need. In addition to volunteering with B & Dee’s, they have started working with the incarcerated population.

We are grateful to the Dunning and Loetell families for traveling from Catonsville and Columbia to give back to Baltimore City. We are even more grateful for the love and care that they bring to the B & Dee family. We appreciate and thank you for everything that you do!

Together we WILL make a difference! ❤️ 

Loetell Family
Dunning Family