May 2020

This month our Volunteer Spotlight is focused on the Blackstone family. Karen and her two daughters, Caitlin and Makenzie, have been volunteering with B & Dee’s for over three years.  They frequently participate at our monthly Lunch Patrol.  They have been an integral part of many of our larger community events through the years including Back to School and Pride. Karen served as a Team Leader at our 2017 Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Celebrations. The Blackstone family has also introduced many other families to B & Dee’s Baltimore Love.

Outside their volunteer work with B & Dee’s, Caitlin and Maki play basketball and are involved with the Girl Scouts. Caitlin is a 2020 graduate of the Trinity School. Maki just finished her freshman year at the Institute of Notre Dame.

We are grateful to the Blackstone family for giving back to Baltimore City.  We are even more grateful for the love and care that they bring to the B & Dee’s family. Thank you for everything that you do!  Together we WILL make a difference! ❤️